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Contract Policy

Contracts: Once a student is enrolled and a contract is signed by the family for a school year, families are financially responsible for fulfilling that contract. Contracts include up to one week of unforeseen closures (i.e. snow days).

Change in Schedule Policy: If you desire a change in schedule, we require families to contact our campus administrator first. Our Campus Administrator will consult the Campus Director and team to see if the change would be feasible. The earliest this change can be implemented is the family’s next invoice date. 

NIDO Departure Policy: If you decide to withdraw from the NIDO programs, we ask for a minimum 2-week written notice, and the agreement will be terminated. The invoice remittance date varies per family. We ask parents to be aware of this as we practice a pay-forward system that allows us to deactivate future invoices. We do not practice reimbursements with departures so we ask families to inform us a month ahead of time so we can prorate your account accordingly. For our school year contracts, families are financially responsible for fulfilling that contract.

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