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Vecchio Volunteer Program

Paused due to COVID 19 

Redesigned and Resuming in future


Our Intergenerational integration is special aspect on our West Campus. We know that God intended for us to live in community, honor the elders, and celebrate the children in the midst of us. As Nonna's of Wayzata once did, Hand In Hand's new Vecchio Volunteers now brings it all together in one place. Experiencing ordinary life with extraordinary love. (Vecchio means "elder" in Italian).


Scholars documented the potential benefits of intergenerational en-vionmental education (Ballantyne, Fien and Packer, 2001; Vaughan et al., 2003) stating "an ideal intergenerational program creates opportunities for people of different age groups to learn about each other's knowledge, experiences, skills, and perceptions." Our intentional programs aim to improve mobility, mood, and memory.

Enjoy this video below highlighting the benefits of intergenerational music therapy similar to the one used at Hand In Hand's West Campus.

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